Vancouver Island Fishing Charter Guides

Our team of professional guides love to catch fish!

When you go on a world-class fishing charter you should expect highly experienced guides that know the best fishing spots like the back of their hand. Fishing is one thing, but guiding is another. Our guides have grown up or guided in the area for a minimum of 10 years. Many big BC lodges have a few good guides and the rest are hired each year to fill positions. This does not mean that they know the area, or have any significant experience guiding. If you are lucky enough to get one of the good ones; great! At Reel Obsession our friendly team of professionals will show you a fun, safe and fish filled charter every time. All our guides are industry certified by Transport Canada and meet or exceed all requirements.

Adrian fishing guide for salmon fishing.


From the time I could hold a rod I was in the boat or on the shore with my dad. My passion for the sport was definitely handed down. Like I said, it's been imprinted in me from a very young age. I now spend almost 200 days a year with rod in hand, mostly work and of course some play. My uncle invited me to Zeballos 16 years ago and it has been my home every summer since; that's how my career started. Now it's my turn to pass the rod over to my father, son, or guest!

Follow our guide Norm to fish off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Norm on Slaboratory

Norm has been a dedicated fisherman and hunter his entire life and enjoys this lifestyle best when he is taking others along to share in the adventure. A prairie boy with an addiction in boats, he has been drawn to Vancouver Island and has now fished our saltwater for nearly two decades. 'Calm no matter how complicated the day gets', describes how Norm will land your fish whether you are a seasoned rod handler or a first-timer. Valuing a quality experience for his guests, he is dedicated to squeezing every inch out of the day’s opportunity.

Follow our guide Kashes to fish off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Kashes Redfern on Tyee One On

Kashes has been fishing his whole life. He started fishing on the river when he was 6, then running his own boat on the ocean when he was 12. He has always been obsessed with fishing. He started in the industry as a dock boy when he was 14 years old and got his first guiding job when he was 17 - and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon! His fishing experience is sure to fill the boat with fish and your head with crazy fishing stories. Guiding isn’t just his job its his passion.

Follow our guide Troy to fish off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Troy on Tell’n Tales

Yes you got it, Troy is back for another season! Troy has spent his entire adult life guiding and commercial fishing these local waters. His father has been guiding longer than anyone else we know in the industry and has proven to be a top producer in our area. Well the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Not only is Troy an avid angler but a great guy to be on the boat with. Troy will do what it takes day in and day out to show you an exceptional day out on the water. THAT's a sure thing!

For world-class guided fishing trips, please give me a call anytime to chat about your next west coast fishing adventure!

Guest Feedback

Three generations having the time of their life

We did our research to find a location on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and we found a gem! Adrian and all his staff went above and beyond to meet our expectations! All meals were 5 star quality as were the accommodations. We went home with our fish well taken care of. The remoteness, scenery and wildlife provided the "icing on the cake." Look forward to returning in the future.

– Dean Burnett, Washington State

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